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Nowadays, excavators, bulldozers, trucks and other heavy machinery are often unavoidable in soil, lawn and other soft ground through or work, in order to protect the road surface, lawn and safety, often need to lay temporary road. So, the question is: What can be used to lay temporary roads to protect roads, lawns, etc.? Wending Plastic - polyethylene paving plate manufacturers tell you that the choice of polyethylene paving plate is the right choice.


Our polyethylene paving board is made of pure new high density polyethylene resin. Polyethylene paving board is not only load-bearing, durable, not easy to break and light weight, easy to lay and disassemble. Polyethylene paving board has high wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, health and non-toxic, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, light weight and other excellent performance.


Our company's polyethylene paving board with a unique strong anti-skid pattern basically improves the handling and forward movement of vehicles and plants and reduces side sliding even in challenging weather or ground conditions. Polyethylene paving plates can be spliced together to accommodate different ground and weather conditions and various temporary access requirements. Its flexible characteristics make the polyethylene paving board follow the outline of the ground, which is very convenient in flat or tilted conditions.


Wending Plastic - professional manufacturer of polyethylene pavement slab, polyethylene pavement slab are complete in specifications, can be customized according to customer requirements, good quality and pave the way as polyethylene plate factory, we don't guarantee our price is the lowest, because a lot of fake and shoddy products on the market at low prices to attract consumers, but we guarantee the quality of products, ensure product price must be lower than the normal polyethylene pavement slab on the market price, the laying of temporary road paving the way to purchasing for - polyethylene plate, the correct choice, wrong not!



-As Construction Mats

 Our HDPE ground protection mats are commonly used in the construction industry for ground protection and to help ease transportation through less than ideal ground conditions.

-As Temporary Road Mats

 Temporary access roads are sometimes necessary to transport items and equipment more safely in rough conditions.

-Utility maintenance

-Emergency access

-Event flooring and paths

--Caravan parks

Pedestrian walkways

-Platforms for equipment

-Agricultural roads

-Civil engineering works

-Construction sites

-Golf courses

-Utilities and landscaping

-Tree care


-Oil drilling industry


Advantages and Benefits:

(1) wear resistance

Strong resistance to sliding friction. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe wear resistance is 4-7 times higher than the general steel pipe, stainless steel

27.3 times. It was 17.9 times higher than phenolic resin, 6 times higher than nylon 6, and 4 times higher than polyethylene, with an average annual wear rate of 0. 58 ㎜.

Improved the service life of pipeline.

(2) impact resistance

In the existing engineering plastics, the impact toughness of uhmwpe is very high

PE100 is more than 10 times. With the decrease of ambient temperature, the impact resistance becomes stronger.

(3) corrosion resistance

It can resist the erosion of most corrosive media and organic solvents, and the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene can be less than the concentration

80% concentrated hydrochloric acid is used in sulfuric acid with concentration less than 75% and nitric acid with concentration less than 20%.

(4) self-wetting

Steel or brass that has better slip than oil - lubricated. In the environment is bad, dust, sand place, high

Molecular weight polyethylene pipe has better dry lubrication performance. Can move freely, protect related workpiece from wear and tear. Friction is

The number is only 0.07~0.12, which is 1/5 of ordinary PE, 1/6 of new steel pipe and 1/20 of rubber.

(5) non-toxic

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmwpe) is an environmental protection material certified by the state

Engineering plastics. The us food and drug administration (FDA) and the us department of agriculture (USDA) allow it to be used with food and drugs

The occasion of contact. In many Chinese cities, the main water supply and drainage pipes are replaced with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipes.

(6) low temperature resistance and aging resistance

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe can be in for a long time - work under the temperature of 269 ℃ to 80 ℃, due to the molecular chain is not satisfied

Small and molecular groups, large molecular weight, high stability, especially slow aging speed, long service life.

(7) non-adhesion and non-scaling of the surface

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmwpe) pipe has non-adhesion due to its small friction coefficient and non-polarity.

(8) excellent cracking resistance

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tube has been proved by tensile test that it has a elongation of 100~300% in the bearing

Large external pressure and internal pressure or bending stress can also maintain a certain deformation without fracture.



910×2400mm(3’ ×8’)

610×2400mm(2’ ×8’)

910×1830mm(3’ ×6’)

610×1830mm(2’ ×6’)

610×1200mm(2’ ×4’)


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